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2020 Presentations, Slides, Guidelines and Training Videos for Councils to review and implement during COVID 19 pandemic

July 2018 – District Deputy Meeting Presentations

Training is an important component of the overall programs of the Knights of Columbus. A well trained membership will not only be able to effectively execute the business aspect of the Order, but also be knowledgeable about the programs of our Councils. This will lead to a greater involvement in the life of our Councils, and encourage the retention of members. It will also allow for the recruitment of new members into the Order, as the enthusiasm of the Brother Knights at the Council level will lead to an understanding of the importance of inviting all Catholics to join us.

This year, we will be looking at training from three perspectives – new member training, Council Officer training, and webinars.

When a member joins the Knights of Columbus, they should have the opportunity to learn more about the structure of our Order and how their membership, and most importantly, their involvement, is critical to the success of the Knights of Columbus. Through a webinar that will be available starting in mid-October, we will provide new Brother Knights with the chance to learn more about the Knights of Columbus and our charitable and fraternal programs. We look forward to having new members take part in this short but informative session on their role within the Knights of Columbus at the Council, State and International level.

Officer training is important to the success of a Council. During the year, we are going to work toward training local officers to deliver training at the Diocesan level, a ‘train the trainers’ model. This will ensure that we are able to deliver a standard training program in each area across Ontario.

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