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Faith, Family, & Fraternity

“The encounter with Christ renews our human relationships, directing them, from day to day, to greater solidarity and brotherhood in the logic of love.”


Ontario Councils offer a variety of programs in the areas of Faith, Family, Community and Life. Come here to find out the exciting details.

A calendar of upcoming events and important dates for our members, council executive, and leaders in Ontario.

Council, District and State forms with applicable due dates. Resources for running councils, programs and membership recruitment.

A $5 ticket in our annual Charity Lottery offers amazing prizes, great odds of winning, and most importantly, badly needed funds for the charities we support!

Joining online Knights of Columbus eMembership

To put it bluntly: I never would have joined the Knights of Columbus if I had not seen online membership. Before joining Council 1388 in Toronto, I did not know any Knights personally and did not have any Knights in my life who could have led me to the Order.
I knew individual Knights while I was growing up in Waterloo, Ontario, but my Catholic faith was not an important part of my life as a young man and I never thought to join… Read more


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