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Welcome to the provincial Knights of Columbus homepage where secularism dies, freedom is king, and more than 50,000 Knights in 500 councils are helping Catholic men and boys change society into a better place for their families to live freely, grow, and prosper – one volunteer at a time.

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What does it mean to be a member of the Knights of Columbus?

1. BE GREAT. In the current struggle for our Catholic Church, the natural family, separate schools, Special Olympics, and the protection of life from conception to natural death, the Knights of Columbus expands men’s potential in their roles as Catholics, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. Like the acorn that grows into an oak tree, the potential for greatness lies in all of us, it just needs some guidance to grow and fulfill its potential. Listen to our great testimonials about how member Knights are making a difference in their parishes, their province, their country, and around the world and how this not-for-profit organization helps with personal development and changes lives. Listen to more information about being a member from the voice of our Knights here.

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2. BE PART OF SOMETHING GREAT: In a world where government programs are falling short and community organizations are struggling to fill the gap, it is the common consensus among Popes, Catholics, and many non-Catholics that the Knights in Ontario have acquitted themselves nobly as true and loyal Catholic Canadian citizens since the order was established in Ontario on January 28, 1900, with pioneer Council 485 in Ottawa. Our history is an enviable legacy that is becoming the status symbol of choice for many Catholic boys and men, including veterans. To paraphrase Alfred Hitchcock, being a member of the Knights of Columbus is like living with all the dull parts of life taken out. Read more of our history here.

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3. WHY DOES OUR WORK MATTER? According to a Statistics Canada report dated November 24, 2021, 11 percent of men aged 15 or older reported always or often feeling lonely. Lives of quiet desperation need not be. There are multiple opportunities to share life and the love of God. Whether it is under the coats for kids or Special Olympics programs or our anti-abortion work, opposition to forced sterilization, and euthanasia prevention initiatives, or through prayer, you can be a part of a team that will bring priceless smiles on children and athletes’ faces and take a lot of satisfaction saving the unborn, the elderly and those who are broken either spiritually or physically or both because we believe you can live without euthanasia in all its colors, shapes and sizes.

“Eight Things the Knights of Columbus in Ontario Get Right”

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”No one has ever made it through life without someone else’s help.”
-Heather French Henry

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Help Catholic men and boys change society into a better place for their families to live freely, grow, and prosper – one volunteer at a time.

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Receiving the monthly Columbia magazine.

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Accessing preferred customer insurance and member benefits.

Access to our Scholarship program for members, spouses, and children.

Receiving, at no cost, accidental life insurance, and family fraternal and orphan benefits.

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Veterans' House Canada
Our Lady of Seat of Wisdom College

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In the early 1900’s, as more and more immigrants
came to Canada and settled in various parts of
Ontario and Quebec, and the eastern Provinces, it
was apparent to the priests and Bishops at that time
that along side the growth of churches in smaller
rural areas, a new faith based social organization
was growing south of the border. READ MORE

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