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Keep Christ in Christmas

During the Season of Advent, Knights of Columbus Councils around Ontario are busy reminding everyone that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Celebrating Christmas is about Celebrating the birth of the Son of God!

Throughout our province, Councils are busy distributing Keep Christ in Christmas Car Magnets as well as nativity sets, Keep Christ in Christmas signs and buttons. Banding together, Councils and Districts also rent Billboards on busy streets and highways with the message “Keep Christ in Christmas!”. It is not uncommon in November when Catholics and Christians get irritated when stores try to sanitize the Christmas Holidays by removing references to Jesus.

Many people reach out to the Knights for symbols such as the Car Magnets to show the true meaning of Christmas and we play an important role in keeping the message strong. As a result, Councils need to Plan Ahead so that your Keep Christ in Christmas campaign is a success.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Order Keep Christ in Christmas Car Magnets in October so that your Councils can start selling magnets in November!

Bundles (Packages) of 10 Magnets cost $30/package plus $8 shipping for orders of 1-4 packages. Shipping for 5 or more packages is $12. The Ontario State Board is pleased to offer our popular Keep Christ in Christmas Nativity car magnets.

Magnets are white and outlined black – they measure 6 ½” X 6 ½”. Bundles (Packages) of 10 Magnets cost $30 for orders of 1-4 packages plus $8 shipping. Suggested retail price is $7.00

Find Order Form SO-38 on our website

It is never TOO early to think about Christmas but this wonderful holiday comes fast!

Find out what your local knights are doing.