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Roses for Life

The Ontario Roses for Life program is an effective way to raise money to support pro-life organizations or activities. The Roses for Life program has successfully grown over the past few years with more councils participating in the program than in the recent past. To continue growing the Roses for Life program, the Ontario State Council has redesigned the Rose Lapel. The new Rose has a red and a white Rose. The red rose signifies our opposition to abortion while the white rose is the international symbol opposing euthanasia. We have also provided the option of the Roses for Life Cross with the red and white rose. The cross may be distributed in a similar way as the Rose Lapel or (based on its cost) it may be distributed to the council Knights of Columbus members and their wives. Purchase the Roses for Life for $45 for every 100 Roses + ($10 shipping) from the State Office by using Form SO-15. Purchase the Roses for Life Cross Pin (20 or more) for $2.50 each or (50 or more) for $2.00 each + ($10 shipping) from the State Office by using Form S0-15A.

For more information please contact State Life Director, Alex Schadenberg, at or

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