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The Knights on Bikes (KonB) are an organized group of Knights who combine their passion for biking with their love of their faith.  They travel together for organized outings and events.  Their outings may be to travel to churches in an area – stopping in front of a church before riding onto the next one to say another decade of the rosary or a Station of the Cross.

This is a group of men making the Knights of Columbus visible to our Catholic community and the public at large.  To learn more, visit Canadian Knights on Bikes

If you are hosting an event inside or outside of your Church or Council, consider involving the KonB to enhance visibility.

Recently, Catholic men who enjoy biking have joined the Knights of Columbus simply to belong to the Knights on Bikes!

If anyone in your Council is interested in joining or obtaining info, please contact Thom Hargreaves at thomhargreaves@yahoo.ca or stateoffice@ontariokofc.ca.



Find out what your local knights are doing.