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//Canadian Iraqi Syriac Knights put Faith into Action in Iraq & Jordan
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
St. Joseph Syriac Council

St. Joseph Syriac council 17309 just chartered at the end of 2019, jumped to put their Faith into action to help their Iraqi brothers and sisters in 3 different projects totaling $8400. Raised funds during Holy Lent to help 52 families with food baskets. They also paid the salaries of the teachers of a special school funded by charity for Iraqi children of families stranded in Jordan awaiting their immigration papers otherwise the special school arrangement was going to stop due to lack of funds. Also gave small gifts to the school children in Jordan. Another project was to help poor Yazidi families living in poverty with sums of money to enable them buy necessary medicines and basic needs. They also helped families with children who have special needs in the area of Dohuk. Most Reverend Mosul Archbishop Youhanna Petros Mouche sent them letters thanking the council. Father Khalil Jaar, Pastor of Virgin Mother of the Church in Jordan also sent them letters thanking them for saving the special school from closing by paying the teachers’ salaries. Brother Zaid Sagman ( a Deacon in the church) coordinated the execution of the projects in Iraq. Thanks also to Marian council 3881 in Oakville Ontario for supporting the projects. To participate in supporting Iraqi Christians, contact the Ontario State Christian Refugee Relief Director, Sir Knight Hikmat Dandan. Cell 416-893 8060 email: Visit


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