//Rosary Sisters Hospital / Beirut Blast Disaster
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

As you know, Beirut suffered a massive explosion on August 4, resulting in devastating destruction to the city and its port. The Rosary Sisters Hospital was severely affected due to its immediate proximity to the Beirut port (less than 500 meters).
The hospital suffered extensive structural and equipment damage and became no longer operational in all its medical and administrative units. Unfortunately, they lost a fellow nurse aid while several patients and members of the staff were injured.

The Rosary Sisters Hospital is a 200-bed hospital in the Gemmayze neighborhood of Beirut with up-to-date investigative equipment and operating rooms. They employ 160 persons as well as 140 physicians. Before this unfortunate turn of events, the hospital was completely renovated and modernized, and housed the National Breast Care Center, the Vision and Ophthalmology Institute, and a Women's Care Center within the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

The Rosary Sisters Hospital operates under the guidance of the Holy See in Rome, and its funding has always been dependent on donors and charitable organizations.
Rebuilding this very vital healthcare institution in this very critical time, the hard situation of national economic crisis and hyperinflation, and covid-19 invasion, required also the Knights of Columbus help and their charitable donations. The Hospital Director Sister Nicolas Akiki made a cry for help. She said: " There is no hospital any more, but thanks God any way and with the power of Virgin Mary, we will continue our mission and we will not accept to leave Lebanon. So my call is for any one who can help us ".

The Knights of Columbus councils who contributed to this initiative are 10 councils and 2 assemblies. This initiative is a perfect example of how the Knights of Columbus get together and cooperate in charity and put their faith into action. I announced this initiative as a Knights of Columbus Christian Refugee and Disaster Relief project, probably the first KOFC one for the Beirut Blast, and thanks to all these councils, their members and parishioners from their churches who sprang up to help and spread the word. We made a small difference in getting the Rosary Sisters Hospital back in operation and the donated sum will be used to restore the false ceiling in the main Emergency Room of the hospital but most importantly to show our Christian brothers and sisters in Lebanon that the Knights of Columbus and Christians in Canada care about them and they are not alone.

Our contributions will ensure the continuity of this excellent healthcare service for the Lebanese people who have suffered through countless difficulties in the past few years, and who have been traumatized and damaged by this latest explosion in the capital city of Beirut. The total donations raised are: C$ 6455

PARTICIPATING COUNCILS & ASSEMBLIES ( Many parishioners donated as well)

Jesus The King Council 15045, St. Justin Martyr Council 11708, St Agnes Ky Tsao Council 15176, St Peters Maronite Council 13335, St Patricks Council Markham 7689, St. Luke Council 4393, St Mark Stouffville 10874 & Squire Circle, Good Shepherd Council Orleans 9005, St. Joseph the Worker 10531, St. Eugene de Mazenod Council 12916, Our Lady of Ludzmierz Assembly 2744, St. John Paul II Assembly 3325.

Head Sister Nicolas sent a thank you video message. She said in French: " Dear Knights of Columbus of Ontario, I come with these few words to thank you for your precious donation and your support during these difficult times. How delighted I was to see all these councils from Ontario, with these beautiful names of sacred Saints, coming together to help the Rosary Sisters Hospital in Lebanon. Thank you for joining to help rebuild our destroyed, damaged hospital. This will allow us to strengthen our service for our people living in disaster. May Our Lady of The Rosary protect you and bless you and keep you in good health & peace ".

Thanks to all who supported. This is the true spirit of the Knights of Columbus as His Eminence Cardinal Collins told us couple of years back " As Catholics, we have to be universal, look beyond, and help brothers all over and let the light of Christ shine in faraway places ". To know more or donate visit www.christianrefugeerelief.org or call the Christian Refugee Relief Director Sir Knight Hikmat Michel Dandan Cell: 416 -893 8060 or email knightsofcolumbus@hotmail.com This initiative will earn councils credits under Faith, Life or Community towards their Columbian or Star awards. Vivat Iesus.


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