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//Basketball Free Throw Competition in London Ontario

Submitted by Bro Maurice Lacerte, St. John the Divine Council 11053
Photo Credits to Bro Martin Avers, Council 1467

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, a group of enthusiastic Knights including Bros. David Peters, Ontario State Deputy, Mike Boric, Basketball Free Throw Chair, Martin Evers, London East Diocesan Association, who also photographed the event, Moe Lacerte Grand Knight, Council 11053, Nick Vecchio, coordinator of the Council’s Basketball Free Throw Competition and Tony Nother, Publisher of “Knights in Action” newsletter, met at the London Islamic School. Our purpose was to present the 2020 Provincial Championship trophy for Girls, age 10 to, none other than, Nayla Aoudjehane, a student at the Islamic School.

Nayla won three competitions enroute to being crowned the 2020 Provincial Champion. Her total overall score was 55 out of 65, a remarkable 85% shooting average. Coincidentally, over thirty-seven thousand boys and girls, in various age groups, competed in the Province this year. The trophy was presented to Nayla by Bro. David Peters who traveled from Brampton, ON to honor her accomplishments. The celebration was also attended by Nayla’s proud mother Sabrina, school staff members and fellow students. Congratulations to Nayla on her incredible achievement. We are looking forward to next year’s competition and wish her all the very best!


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