//Missionaries for the poor of Jamaica
Submitted by SK Kelvin Law
St. Agnes Council

St. Agnes Council 15176 accomplished the food drive for the Missionaries for the Poor (MOP) of Jamaica at St Agnes KY Tsao Catholic Church starting on March 7th till 15th at the urgent request of the Fountain of Love and Life. It was promoted in our parish by announcements and bulletin, setting up collection station at the hallway, and telling parishioners and members. The initiative received an overwhelming support from the parishioners and successfully collected a great number of donated items in two weeks, 25 bags of rice and 83 cartons of variety of canned food and toiletry items such as soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, children and adult diapers and feminine hygiene products. It involved a total contribution of 160 man-hours in the exercise by volunteers and member Knights. It was a real miracle of our Lord since the pick- up by the MOP was made on Monday March 16th after the completion of the event on Sunday. Just after the pick-up, the church announced total shutdown that weekend Sunday. We were so lucky that we did not miss the shipment. We are so glad that we could accomplish our charity work and help our brothers and sisters in need in Jamaica who will receive the required items without delay during this pandemic period. Let's praise our Lord, Alleluia!


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