//Best Overall Community Award for Jesus The King Council
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

In the 2019 116th State Convention, Jesus the King Council 15045 was awarded THE BEST OVERALL ONTARIO COMMUNITY AWARD & the RUNNER UP FAITH IN ACTION AWARD for JERUSALEM STUDENTS. Also a special tribute in the convention book for the Grand Knight’s daughter EveLareine who helped GK Hikmat in designing the State Convention Commemorative pin of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was very popular and included in every delegate’s kit. Jerusalem Students has been recognized again in 2019 (already won the Supreme Council International Youth Service Award in San Antonio, Texas in 2013) for achieving 5 new milestones: More than 75 students Sponsored (13 new, thanks to the anonymous sponsor who sponsored 10 students). 5 new graduates and a total of 16 uptodate (joined universities). Expansion of website to 140 students. The transfer of C$ 200,000 in sponsored education tuition fees (since inception including 2019). A network of Jerusalem Shepherds to find new sponsors for the education of needy Christian students in the Holy Land. Make a motion in your council to sponsor the education of a student which strengthens Christianity as these students graduate and make successful Christian families that will grow to populate the land where Jesus walked and preached. It is very affordable $21 per month to share a student. Call GK Hikmat 416-893 8060 or visit the website www.jerusalemstudents.org


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