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Charities Lottery Updates


Worthy Brothers

  • The COVID restrictions are gradually being lifted across Ontario; at this time only three Public Health Units : Windsor-Essex County, Peel and Toronto are not in Stage 3. Therefore, it is prudent to be prepared to resume our Charities Lottery activities, while following all the necessary COVID-19 Provincial Health & Safety Guidelines. The health & safety of our Knights of Columbus members as well as public safety is paramount.
  • Let us be creative and innovative in our approach. Use of technology is encouraged. For example two Councils (13417 and 1388) reported beginning to use e-transfers to collect money from sale of books (tickets are being mailed to the buyers).
  • With the revised draw date of October 30th, 2020 we have more time to sell (note the deadline to return tickets is October 1st, 2020). I wish to encourage all Councils to avail themselves of this unique opportunity of extra time.
    • You can order more books from the State Office. The more you sell, the higher the returns to your Council and more funds available for Charities.
    • The date on the ticket reads May 29th, 2020 which may prompt questions from the buyers. Please take the time to explain the change of date and the reason. If it helps to change the date on the tickets, you could use a date stamper, stickers or change the date by hand.
    • If you are ready to submit your stubs and proceeds from sales please do it as soon as practical. Help us avoid the last minute rush. For your convenience find attached a checklist (PDF).
  • We would like to have a snapshot of the current status of sales and need your help. With 346 participating Councils it is challenging to gather this information by phone calls. Please send me a very brief email: for example: Council 12345, sales to date $2500.
  • For questions or additional information feel free to contact either myself jaime.libaque@rogers.com or the State Office at stateoffice@ontariokofc.ca

Jaime Libaque
Ontario State Charities Lottery Director
Cell (416) 456 7084
Attached: 2020 Checklist (PDF)

April 1, 2020


Brother Knights,                                                                   

Further to the State Deputy email of March 17th, announcing the postponement of the date of draw of the Charities Lottery, this is to inform you that a favorable decision has been made. The revised date is October 30th.

The target date for returns of proceeds and tickets to the State office is October 1st

Find below some useful background information.


The Ontario State Board with the help of the State Office has reached out to the (AGCO) Alcohol and Gaming Commission, to seek alternate arrangements for this year’s lottery. After discussions, an agreement was reached. The Draw will take place on October 30, 2020, 10 am, at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Burlington, Ontario.

  • Find enclosed the new license which allows us to hold the Charity Foundation Lottery draw on October 30, 2020.

Click Charity Foundation Lottery October 30

  • Enclosed is a copy of the updated Lottery Poster for the council’s usage. You may wish to print it at home, or have it printed locally. Ontario State will only provide a digital copy of the poster.

Click Updated Lottery Poster

  • Also enclosed is a copy of the letter which you can show to all ticket buyers advising them of the new draw date and the reason for the delay.

Click Letter for Council date change October 30, 2020

  • Please note that when sales start up again you will have to physically change the date of the draw on each ticket sold. You may wish to do this ahead of time. For consistency we would ask that you cross out the date and neatly enter the 30 October 2020 on each ticket.

Recommendations under COVID circumstances

  • Refrain from selling tickets face to face until we all receive the “all clear” signal regarding the COVID 19 pandemic from the Chief Medical Advisor for Ontario.
  • Please keep all unsold and sold tickets in addition to the sale proceeds in a safe location.

Note that the State Office staff have been working from their respective residences as of March 25, 2020.  With remote access to all our files, the membership should not see any change in the standard level of service. Phone calls, emails and mail will be answered as per the normal method.

Please look for a future updates and feel free to contact either the State Office at  stateoffice@ontariokofc.ca  or myself at CharitiesLotteryChairman@ontariokofc.ca or Jaime.libaque@rogers.com

Fraternally yours,

Jaime Libaque
Ontario State Charities Lottery Chairman
Cell (416) 456-7084

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