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Ontario Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest

The Substance Abuse Awareness Contest Process (français)

The age divisions of submitted and winning posters for each of the “Alcohol Awareness and Abuse” and the “Drug Awareness and Abuse” categories are: Age 8-10; Age 11-13, Age 14-17.

1)  Council Level:

  • Every Council should download their material or order from Ontario Substance Abuse poster contest Chairman Jean-Claude Lagault kofclegault@gmail.com 905-419-1045. Provide schools with the Entry Forms (SO – 4000 7-18)
  • Councils must have their contests completed by the February 1  and submit their 6 winning posters and Report Form (SA – RC -18), to the District Deputy.
  • Complete the Substance Abuse Awareness Participation form (SO-4001 7-18) and submit it to the Ontario State Office for the Ontario State Chairman, Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest.

2)  District Level:

  • District Deputies are to complete their judging by March 1.
  • Download the report form and submit the winning posters, and Report of Winners and Medallion Order Form. (SA – RD -18) to the State Office for the Ontario State Chairman, Substance Abuse Poster Contest.
  • If applicable: Forward your winning posters and report to the Regional Judging Chairmen; their contact information is in the Ontario State Directory.

3)  Regional Level (If applicable)

  • The Regional Judging Chairmen are to judge the posters they have received and forward their winning posters and Report of Winners and Plaque Order Form (SA-RR 18) to the State Office for the Ontario State Chairman, Substance Abuse Poster Contest, no later than March 15, so that the State Judging can be done in time for submission of Awards to Councils at the Ontario State Convention in April.

Each winning poster must have the entry form (SO – 4000 7-18) attached, as the posters are forwarded to each level and the information must include the individual’s name, address, the affiliated Council number, and the name and address of the Grand Knight, and Regional Chairman (if applicable).

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