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Breakfast Program


Submitted by Dan Pergolesi Fr. Aloysius Nolan Council 9865 GK Dan Pergolesi and Lecturer Leo LeHoux met with the Principals and Vice Principals of the three schools affiliated with Fr. Aloysius Nolan Council 9865. Each school was presented a cheque in the amount of $2000 for their respective Breakfast Programs. The Council was presented with a hand-made thank you card from the students of St. John Vianney.

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Ukrainian Relief Fund Raiser


Submitted by Leo Mayer St. Benedict's Council 11164 The St. Benedict Knights of Columbus Council 11164 helped BBQ and serve hot dogs to St. Patrick's High School students and staff during the 3 lunch hours last Tuesday, May 17. Students raised over $2000 for Ukraine relief and support Ukrainian families relocate to private homes in the Sarnia Lambton area.

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Wheelchairs for Ukraine


Submitted by Hikmat Michel Dandan Jesus The King Ukraine refugees had to walk for 43 miles on a 20-hour journey to Poland as thousands continue to flee. Imagine what would the elderly and disabled do. Christian Refugee Relief donated 5 wheelchairs for the campaign by our Community Director Brother Mario Duguay for Ontario Knights to donate a full container of wheelchairs in cooperation with The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation. This is a perfect opportunity to put our faith into action and help a lot of elderly and disabled refugees in Ukraine, including our brother Knights and their families who will benefit greatly [...]

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March for Life – Ottawa


Submitted by Eardley Adams Blessed Frederic Ozanam Council 17065, Markham Ontario Blessed Frederic Ozanam (BFO) Parish Council organized a Bus trip to Ottawa in cooperation with St Patrick's Parish and St Mark's Parish. The Bus accommodated 56 passenger's and the cost per person was capped at $30 per person, the remainder was subsidized by the three local Parishes and the generous support of a Brother Knight. When the word got out we quickly filled the bus with parishes from Scarborough who joined us on our journey to Ottawa. A very joyous and fulfilling day was had by all.

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District 61 Baby Shower Project


Submitted by Léo Mayer, District Warden District 61 The 5 Knights of Columbus councils in District 61, Sarnia-Bright’s Grove, conducted a “Baby Shower” project in support of the local pregnancy centre. This was all part of putting their Faith in Action, under the Life pillar of the Knights service program. The event took place on the weekend of March 25th to 27th.  Leading up to the weekend, the Knights collaborated with the pregnancy centre to ascertain the baby items that were most in need.  This was then shared with 7 churches in the Family of Parishes in Sarnia with bulletin and [...]

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Longtime member award


Submitted by Joseph Salini, Past State Deputy Ontario State Past State Deputy Joseph Salini presented the Longtime Member certificate, on behalf of Brother Vince Kennedy, to Grand Knight Jim Legacy. Brother Vince has been a member of the Knights of Columbus Red Rock Council 4247 and has served the Church and Community for 70 years. --

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40 Cans for Lent Campaign


Submitted by Fred Horvath, Grand Knight St. Francis of Assisi Council 11268 Our council recently had a 40 Cans for Lent campaign. And this year we doubled over last year by 100% bringing in 2,358.9 pounds and $1,505.00 in cash donations In the picture, we have Brothers John and Lou, Deacon Doug who is the president of SVDP, two students, and a teacher from St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School.

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Mothers Day


Submitted by Dan PergolesiDistrict 76On Mother's Day Weekend May 07/08, 2022, the three Councils affiliated with the East Windsor Family of Parishes (Fr. Paul J.F. Wattson - Council 8919, St. Vincent de Paul - Council 9528 and Fr. Aloysius Nolan - Council 9865) conducted three programs, along with a recruitment drive - all on the same weekend. The Knights distributed carnations to all Mothers, Grandmothers, Adopted Mothers, God-Mothers, Aunts, and all women who filled these nurturing roles. Councils held the Roses for Life (cumulatively collecting over $600). A Maternity / Baby Shower (in conjunction with each parish Catholic Women's League), with [...]

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Submitted by LOUIS ROMITO FORT WILLIAM COUNCIL 1447 The "2022 Knights of Columbus Dew Drop Inn Food drive" took place on Saturday, May 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the 3 Thunder Bay Metro stores and Fresh Co.  Thank you, Br. Bill Bragnalo Council 8602 for spearheading this initiative, once again. Shopping lists of required items were handed out to shoppers and a lot of food was collected and delivered. Many great volunteers, knights, wives, and children participated in this annual event. We collected 13 truckloads of groceries, five coolers of meat products, margarine, and dairy products. $4400.00 in [...]

THUNDER BAY COUNCILS FOOD DRIVE 2022-05-13T15:57:45+00:00

FAMILIA story in Mazatlan


Submitted by Andrew Onwuegbuzie Rev. J.E. Regan Brother Oli Cajanek of Rev. J.E. Regan Council 3909 – is in Mazatlan helping Poor people by running a Community Centre providing programs and feeding on average 50 kids twice a day with 5 staff. He also runs a sponsorship program with the help of his friends which has produced over 100 graduates. Currently his project is sponsoring 14 students in high school and 22 in university. Ramirez, the World Boxing Champion has joined his executive as president of the non-profit association and started a boxing academy for 30 Teenagers and 10 Adults. Bro [...]

FAMILIA story in Mazatlan 2022-05-06T13:37:33+00:00

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