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//Wheelchairs for Ukraine
Submitted by Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King

Ukraine refugees had to walk for 43 miles on a 20-hour journey to Poland as thousands continue to flee. Imagine what would the elderly and disabled do. Christian Refugee Relief donated 5 wheelchairs for the campaign by our Community Director Brother Mario Duguay for Ontario Knights to donate a full container of wheelchairs in cooperation with The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation. This is a perfect opportunity to put our faith into action and help a lot of elderly and disabled refugees in Ukraine, including our brother Knights and their families who will benefit greatly from our wheelchairs. The cost of one wheelchair is $195 Canadian but you can donate any amount.

Thanks to the Christian Refugee Relief donors, who donated towards the 5 wheelchairs, Anne Rolfe, Elizabeth Roy, Mary Lanthier, Immaculate Heart of Mary Council, St. Vladimir the Great council. Ontario State would like to finalize the purchase of the wheelchairs in June because the wheelchairs are badly needed. Let us fill the container soon because the Ukraine refugees walked too long.

Visit and choose from 15 initiatives to support persecuted and at risk Christians and donate any amount. Call or email any time Brother Hikmat 416-893 8060 or
Vivat Iesus

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