//Jerusalem Students Mass
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

The Jerusalem Students Honor Guard
The Honor Guard from St. John Paul Assembly, All Saints of China Assembly, and Bishop Grecco Assembly was very impressive because all of the Sir Knights love The Holy Land and many of them had sponsored students as well. At the end of the Mass, Rev. Monsignor Vid asked all the Sir Knights to stand in front of the altar, he blessed them and praised them for being the right hand of the Catholic Church and asked the parishioners to give them a big hand. The clapping did not stop for few minutes. The GOLD SPONSOR is Toronto Council 6 students. The SILVER SPONSOR is Jeannette Zerey Elliot 4 students. 70% of sponsors are Assemblies, Councils and Knights. 30% are parishioners. Contact GK Hikmat 416-893 8060


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