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Help a child stay warm this winter. Buy a box of Knights of Columbus winter coats.


Spreading the Warmth

There are school kids in Ontario who simply do not have a winter coat. We aim to fix this problem.



In 2020 – Our goal is 10,000 coats – we collected 6996 coats so far
In 2019 – Our goal is 10,000 coats – we collected 7956 coats
In 2018 – Our goal was 7000 coats – we collected 6859 coats
In 2017 – Our goal was 3000 coats – we collected 5256 coats
In 2016 – Our goal was 1000 coats – we collected 2676 coats


Welcome to the Knights of Columbus Ontario Coats for Kids webpage. Here you will find many videos and testimonials about this wonderful program. Our goal is to provide a warm jacket to every school child who doesn’t have one in Ontario.

Several years ago, with the gracious help of our General Agents on the insurance side, a bond was created with our school boards. The mutual co-operation which followed, helped us to fill the needs of schoolchildren throughout Ontario and to achieve our stated goal …. Today, more than ever, there are children going without. Think of the difference it would make in their lives if they had a warm jacket to confront the rigours of our cold climate.

All we need is your kind support. You can purchase one or more boxes of coats or donate any amount towards the purchase of a jacket. Your generosity and goodwill will go a long way in bringing a smile on a child’s face. So, please be generous and donate today!!!!!!

Councils and Individuals donating to program

Please note that the General Agents are working directly with the schoolboards and local schools in Ontario. The schools / school boards will be providing us with the quantity, gender and sizes needed.

However, if you have a specific school or organization that you would like to deal with, please indicate in the remarks section of the order form, otherwise, leave blank. Please include the name of the school / organization as well as the address.

Note, we will attempt to meet your request, but due to logistics, this may not always be possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


To order online, please complete the Council Order Online Form and mail it along with your cheque to Ontario State Office – Coats for Kids Program.

Coats for Kids Online Form

To order using PDF form, please click forms below to download and email to

Individual donors
To order online, please complete the Individual Order Online Form and mail it along with your cheque to Ontario State Office – Coats for Kids Program.

Coats for Kids Online Form

To order using PDF form, please click forms below to download and email to

Standard Prepacks

Girls Children Coats – Sizes 4-6x fits Toddler to Grade 2
Boys Children Coats – Sizes 4-7  fits Toddler to Grade 2
Girls Youth Coats – Sizes 7-16  fits Grades 2 to Grade 7
Boys Youth Coats – Sizes 8-18 fits Grades 2 to Grade 7 Out of Stock
Girls TEEN Coats – Sizes S-XL
Boys TEEN Coats – Sizes S-XL

Each Box Contains: 12 Mixed Styles and Mixed Sizes Coats.  Click for product overview
Coats specifically designed for Canadian Winters
WIND & WATER RESISTANT – PVC Coated Nylon Jackets
Includes shipping and handling


Gold Donors
5 boxes or more

Council 12158 – Saint Patrick’s Basilica

Council 6908 – Alta Vista

Council 11500 – George P. Vanier
Richmond Hill

Council 1626 – Barrie

Council 12047 – La Toussaint/Ste-Anne

Council 2438 – St. Peter’s

Council 2671 – St. Gregory’s  

Council 11525 – St. Joseph Highland Creek

Council 11681 – Blessed Trinity 

Council 13417 – St. Lawrence the Martyr 

Council 13443 – St. Padre Pio 

Council 15861 – San Damiano 

Council 1507 – William J. Sheady

Council 2042 – Fr. Cummings 

Council 5860 – Fr. Carlo Bianchi Upper Hamilton 

Council 3305 – Holy Name

Council 3515 – Our Lady of Perpetual Help 

Council 4501 – St. Michael’s 

Council 13797 – St. Anthony’s Maronite

Council 4916 – Msgr. Paul J. Meyer

Council 8682 – St. Jeromes

Council 8668 – Our Lady of Peace

Council 14421 –  Immaculate Heart of Mary

Silver Donors
2-4 boxes

Council 1467 – Father Ernie Deslippe
St Thomas
4 Boxes

Council 2004 – Laurier
4 boxes

Council 10888 – Holy Redeemer
4 boxes

Council 11219 – St. Alexander’s
2 boxes

Council 12859 – St. Anthony of Padua
2 boxes

Council 6074 – Centennial
2 boxes

Council 15999 – St. Helen of the Cross
2 boxes

Council 1652 – Hennepin – Niagara Falls
2 boxes

Council 10091 – Fr. Vernon H. Cullaton
2 boxes

Bronze Donors
1 box

Council 8008 Centennial

Council 9557 – St. Vladimir the Great

Council 14337 – St. Lorenzo Ruiz

Council 6217 – Canon John Burke

Council 9780 – St. Anthony & St. Michael’s
Apple Hill

Council 9519 – St-Laurent
Carlsbad Springs

Council 9422 – Notre Dame des Champs

Council 7743 – Ste-Thérèse d’Avila

Council 16005 – St. Theresa the Little Flower

Council 9544 – Holy Redeemer

Council 8715 – St-Joseph

Council 9049 – Père Paradis

Council 3909 – Rev. J.E. Regan

Council 1926 – St. Gertrude’s

Council 7008 – Beaches

Council 10785 – St-Anne’s

Council 11826 – Holy Angels

Council 16227 – St. John’s Albion

Council 2042 – Fr. Cummings

Council 3881 – Marian

Council 4917 – Our Lady of the Lake

Council 6024 – Msgr. Stephen Foerster
Council 8296 – Père Dionis Lafrenière

Council 8380 – Father C. Mascari

Council 10619 – St. Martin of Tours

Council 10956 – St. Lukes

Council 12453 – St. Catherine of Siena

Council 14968 – St. Dominic

Council 8602 – Our Lady of Charity

Thunder Bay

Council 9295 – Fr. Regis St. James
Thunder Bay

Council 2102 – Our Lady of Help

Council 4189 – Our Lady of Sorrow

Council 8783 – Visitation Parish

Council 7744 – Fr. Ladislaus

Council 11774 – Cardinal A. Stepinac

Council 12494 – Mother Theresa

Council 12820 – St. Michael’s Parish


Dear Friend of Dr. Davey School:

It is with much gratitude that we thank you for your generous donation. As you know, many of our families depend on people like you. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to think of us.
Thank you so much!

Gerry Smith

Principal, staff and students of Dr. J. Edgar Davey School

Dear Knights of Columbus, Bouvier Agency :

On behalf of the St. Michael Catholic Elementary School Community, we extend a heartfelt thanks to the Knights of Columbus for their generous donations of winter coats for some of our students.

As you may know, ours is an Equal Opportunity school with several families who require ongoing financial support. Through the generous support of various community agencies, we continue to offer our students nutritional snacks throughout the day. Some of our families receive additional food items for the weekend to help sustain their household needs.

We are proud to have a large number of English as a Second Language students who have fled their country of origin to seek a more safe and stable life. As newcomers, most of these families come with very little resources and limited supplies. Your generous donation of over 30 coats was an absolute blessing for these students. The following are some testimonials from the students themselves:

  • “It was a great experience when we got our new coats! I think every family was thankful for your help and support. I felt like I was welcomed to the school and I have been to other schools but St. Michael School really helped my family and other families. We are really thankful”. Ninwa A.
  • “I was very happy when I got my coat. I couldn’t believe that someone that did not know me would give me something so wonderful. Thank-you, Knights of Columbus!”. Mareo S.
  • “I love my new coat! It made me feel so happy. Thank-you!” Vani A.
  • “It was really nice for you to give us coats and to help peo0ple that need it. Thank-you very much for coming and give us the coats”. Maryam
  • “I felt very happy when I received my coat. I really needed a new coat because I did not have one. I knew that winter was coming. Thank-you so much!” John A.

As you can see, any support we give these children is received with much appreciation. It was such a wonderful experience to see the smiles on the faces of these children as they received their brand new coat.

Please extend our appreciation to your entire council and agency.

God Bless,

Mrs. M.J. Rossi

November 14, 2016

Dear Neil:

I would like to thank you and your fellow members of the Knights of Columbus for your generosity and goodness. The coats you donated will be of great assistance to hundreds of students in our schools.

Not only will they and their families appreciate the coats they will receive but as well will benefit from the tremendous example you provide.

Our Catholic School System and the students we serve has benefitted on numerous occasions from the selfless service of the Knights of Columbus. The Coats for Kids campaign is but the most recent example of how the fruits of your goodness will make a real difference in the lives of young people in our community.

Please know that your wonder act of giving/mercy is very much appreciated.

Yours very truly,

Patrick J. Daly, Chairperson of the Board
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

“The Office for Refugees at the Diocese of Hamilton was very grateful to receive a generous donation of winter coats from the Knights of Columbus “Coats for Kids” campaign in early 2016.

The Diocese of Hamilton welcomed more than 100 new Permanent Residents to Canada through our refugee sponsorship program in 2016. In a global community where more than 50% of the world’s refugees are children and youth, many of the refugees sponsored through our program are of school-age, in need of warmth, love, support, shelter, clothing, etc.

In 2016, the Government of Canada provided winter clothing and wear to Syrian newcomers, but other refugee groups were not provided this same support. In this context particularly, the Knights of Columbus initiative played a pivotal role in filling this gap, providing much needed warmth and care to very special young members of our Canadian community.

The value and appreciation of all of the newcomer families that benefited from the generosity of the Knights of Columbus “Coats for Kids” campaign in 2016 cannot be overstated. And, I speak for all families in the pipeline to arrive in Canada this chilly winter season when I say: “thank you for your kindness in caring to keep our children warm”. For, it is only when our children are warm and safe that they are truly free to smile, to play, to thrive.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton
Erin Pease, Director, Office for Refugees

January 16, 2016

Dear Mr. Nat Gallo, Brother Knights and Bouvier Agency

With much gratitude, I write this note to thank you and your Brother Knights for your generous contribution of new winter coats for our students at St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School.

As the season of Advent allowed us to prepare spiritually through our promises to Jesus, your generosity has modelled a corporal work of mercy, helping those in need. This made a significant difference in lives of our students.

Your support as a community partner helped to lessen the burden felt by our families trying to provide for their children. Within our economically challenged community we are blessed to have supports in place to assist our children to be ready to learn. We depend on nutrition programs, clothing swap shop, eye glass program and various opportunities to attend events through community sponsorship to help provide for our families.

Our student council leaders and staff advisors were delighted to meet you and receive such a wonderful surprise. Your generous donation of new coats brought much excitement to our students, as they chose new coats: “Thanks, Now, I have a coat of my very own.” “Wow, this is awesome, Thanks.” “Thank you this is my favourite colour, like my friend” “Now, I will be warm for the winter, my Mom will be happy. Thank you” We also received some messages of appreciation from parents for your thoughtful support. The community was truly moved by your spirit of generosity.

Once again, thank you for your very generous support of our students, providing warmth of a new coat as well as emotional support in a time of need. As a school community, we pray that God will continue to bless the Knights of Columbus as Catholic leaders living the Gospel through their generous spirit and altruistic endeavors.

God Bless With much appreciation,

Patricia Akers

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