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Help a child stay warm this winter. Buy a box of Knights of Columbus winter coats.


Spreading the Warmth

There are school kids in Ontario who simply do not have a winter coat. We aim to fix this problem


In 2020 – Our goal is 10,000 coats
In 2019 – Our goal is 10,000 coats – we collected 7956 coats
In 2018 – Our goal was 7000 coats – we collected 6859 coats
In 2017 – Our goal was 3000 coats – we collected 5256 coats
In 2016 – Our goal was 1000 coats – we collected 2676 coats

Councils / Individuals

Please note that the General Agents are working directly with some of the schools and school boards in Ontario. The schools / school boards will be providing us with the quantity, gender and sizes.

However, if you have a specific school or organization that you would like to deal with, please indicate in the remarks section of the order form, otherwise, leave blank. Please include the name of the school / organization as well as the address.

Note, we will attempt to meet your request, but due to logistics, this may not always be possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Standard Prepacks

  • YSM 7-8

  • YMD 10-12
  • YLG 14-16
  • YXL 18-20


Please complete the Council Order Form and mail it along with your cheque to your assigned Agency office.

Individual donors
Please complete the Individual Order Form and mail it along with your cheque to one of the Agencies offices.

Find out what your local knights are doing.