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The Holy Family Prayer Program

Holy Family Prayer Program Schedule (Fraternal Year 2016-2017)

The Holy Family Prayer Program is the 17th Prayer Program sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, designed to strengthen Catholic families and our prayer lives.

This program features an image of the Holy Family blessed by Pope Francis (with dimensions of 40” X 27” (102cmX69cm). The Holy Family Image is protected by a carrying case for traveling and is accompanied by a kit containing Prayer Cards and Prayer Books.

The Holy Family Prayer Program is an excellent way to involve new and younger members in Council activities. Members can assist distributing cards and prayer books as well as collecting prayer books back at the conclusion of each Prayer Program, as well as reading and singing during the Prayer Program. Consider including your 4th Degree Assemblies in your Prayer Program with an Honour Guard which will add Visibility and Distinction to this Sacred and Solemn Occasion.

Here are some suggestions to help your council in planning your council’s participation in The Holy Family Prayer Program.

  • Once you find out when your council is scheduled to receive the image, consult your chaplain and/or pastor about the service and set a location for the prayer service to be held. Here is the schedule for Holy Family Prayer Program listed by district.
  • Make sure there are enough Prayer Cards for your Holy Family Prayer Programs and for the next Council. Before Prayer Card supplies run low, please contact the State Office (stateoffice@ontariokofc.ca; 905-388-2731) or The Holy Family Prayer Program Chairman Kevin Heffernan (robkevheffernan@nexicom.net; 705-876-7284) and allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
  • Prayer Books are not meant to be keepsakes and are to be collected after each Holy Family Prayer program. Only Prayer Cards (not Prayer Books) are meant to be given out as keepsakes for participants.
  • The District Deputy, in his district, will organize with the Grand Knights a schedule so each council has the opportunity to host a Prayer Service. The program is designed that each council have The Holy Family image for a week. This allows parishes to be able to display the Image at week-end masses if pastors and chaplains desire (remember we need permission from our clergy!!!).
  • In addition to a Prayer Service during weekday or weekend Masses (or after mass), consider bringing the Image of The Holy Family to Elementary and High Schools so that children may receive The Holy Family in a new way. Schools, Nursing Homes, festivals and parishes are a number of ways Councils and Districts can help strengthen our families with this program.
  • Grand Knights and Council Members must work with their District Deputies to transport Images, Prayer Books and Cards from one Council to the next…including when these need to move on to the next district.
  • The Image and booklets must be PROPERLY wrapped or boxed and PROTECTED before moving to avoid damage of any kind.
  • Identify council members and clergy to fulfill the various roles called for in the prayer program (Get new and young members involved!).
  • Representatives of your council should attend the service of the council from whom you will receive the image and bring the image and supplies to your council.
  • Instruct the congregation to say the prayers at a moderate pace to ensure the service is truly reverent.
  • If possible, the choir leader should review the hymns with the congregation before the service.
  • Supreme advises NO money should be collected nor should any social activity be held in conjunction with the service.
  • The Grand Knight (or delegate) should record the council’s program in the Log Book that accompanies the image before sending it on to the next council. District Deputies will be asked to pass along updates of the Log Book to The Holy Family Prayer Program Chairman (Kevin Heffernan) so that updates can be shared with Supreme each month.
  • When completing the Log Book, also make a count of students who were able to see The Holy Family Image in the schools.

Pictured: Students from St. Joan of Arc School Catholic High School in Maple prayed the Rosary before the Icon of Immaculate Conception with SK Mario Di Donato Grand Knight of Council 11535 and Brother Danny Scenna while touring District 96 (Submitted on March 4, 2014 by Giuseppe Polisano, District Deputy)

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