The Covid Cabin


Written and submitted by Patrick Callaghan, Deputy Grand Knight St. Edith Stein Council 13049~ The Covid Cabin Church stopped being simple On Friday March 13, 2020, simply going to Church stopped being simple. Parishes throughout Canada, the United States and many other countries introduced health measures to keep their citizens from getting sick or dying in this new global pandemic. Initially, Catholic Dioceses in Canada issued orders that indoor Masses would no longer be allowed. Parishes everywhere were shuttered and Catholics had to rely on a digital means of connecting to a Mass broadcast over Youtube, Zoom or cable channel. But [...]

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Chasuble for our Parish Priest


Submitted by Peter Richardson, GK Council 11826 Sts. Peter and Paul  Last Fall our council decided to assist our pastor, Father Christopher Reynolds, in the purchase of a rose-coloured chasuble for use in our three parishes, St. Jerome (Warkworth), St. Alphonsus (Wooler) and Holy Angels (Brighton). The chasuble arrived just before the third week of Advent and Father was able to wear it for the Gaudette masses. Following the Laetare mass on March 14 at Holy Angels, Father invited several members of the Council to join him on the altar for a picture to acknowledge the event.

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Wheelchairs for Paraguay


Submitted by Denis La Salle, Executive Secretary Ontario State Council Wheelchairs for Paraguay. On November 6, 2020 State Deputy David Peters and State Global wheelchair Chairman Francisco Naar were in Toronto to view the loading of a sea container filled with wheelchairs for needy persons as well as emergency equipment for Paraguay. This was made possible by the generosity of Ontario State member Councils. We thank all those that participated and made this possible.

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“Tutti Fuori” Lemon Chicken Quarter Take-Out Fundraiser


Submitted by Gino Di Pede, Life Director/DD11 Council 9494 Ave Maria Event Name: "Tutti Fuori" Lemon Chicken Quarter Take-Out Fundraiser. The Knights of Ave Maria Council 9494 located at Epiphany of Our Lord parish in Scarborough, Ontario conducted their “Tutti Fuori” Lemon Chicken Quarter take-out fundraiser on the weekend of September 19 - 20 after their 5 p.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Sunday Masses. This fraternal endeavour was led by their worthy chancellor Bro. Cesar Escudero-Wwhu and his wife Lady Norma. Orders were taken by email or phone call with cut off date being September 17th. In the spirit of [...]

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