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Submitted by Gino Di Pede, Life Director/DD11
Council 9494 Ave Maria

Event Name: “Tutti Fuori” Lemon Chicken Quarter Take-Out Fundraiser.

The Knights of Ave Maria Council 9494 located at Epiphany of Our Lord parish in Scarborough, Ontario conducted their “Tutti Fuori” Lemon Chicken Quarter take-out fundraiser on the weekend of September 19 – 20 after their 5 p.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Sunday Masses. This fraternal endeavour was led by their worthy chancellor Bro. Cesar Escudero-Wwhu and his wife Lady Norma. Orders were taken by email or phone call with cut off date being September 17th. In the spirit of Leave No Neighbour Behind their profit of $1500 was shared equally between their parish’s Share Life Campaign and their personal council charities. The council has many more Faith in Action programs lined up for the fraternal year that can be conducted virtually ensuring them of another Columbian Award at the very least, if not Star Council.


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