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//District 61 Baby Shower Project

Submitted by Léo Mayer, District Warden

District 61

The 5 Knights of Columbus councils in District 61, Sarnia-Bright’s Grove, conducted a “Baby Shower” project in support of the local pregnancy centre. This was all part of putting their Faith in Action, under the Life pillar of the Knights service program.

The event took place on the weekend of March 25th to 27th.  Leading up to the weekend, the Knights collaborated with the pregnancy centre to ascertain the baby items that were most in need.  This was then shared with 7 churches in the Family of Parishes in Sarnia with bulletin and pulpit announcements.

On March 25th, a special Mass was celebrated for the Feast of the Annunciation, the Mass for the Unborn-Knights Choose Life and the Consecration of Russia and the Ukraine.  The Knight of Columbus lead the procession at the beginning of the Mass.  Several parishioners attended.

As a result of this project, the Knights accumulated 7 car loads of baby item needs and $3000 in donations.  The baby items were transported to the pregnancy centre.  A special monetary presentation on behalf of the District 61 Knights of Columbus was made on May 6th at a Gala Fundraiser Event for the pregnancy centre.  The Knights of Columbus was well represented and promoted within Sarnia/Lambton.



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