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//Wheelchair Distribution in Holy Family Center Qaraqosh Iraq
Submitted by Hikmat Dandan, Christian Refugee Relief Director
Ontario State

Ontario Knights Wheelchair project in Iraq

A boy in Qaraqosh Iraq, receives a wheelchair donated by Ontario Knights. Three Ontario Councils, St Joseph Chaldean Council 16977 of North York, St Joseph Syriac Council 17309 of Mississauga, and St. Agnes Ky Tsao Council 15176 of Markham purchased 80 wheelchairs and 150 walking sticks for disabled Christian refugees returning to Mosul. The distribution took place during the Feast of The Cross festivities week in the Holy Family Centre in Qaraqosh by its director, Father Bashar Kthea to both Chaldean and Syriac disabled refugees in the presence of Most Reverend Chaldean Bishop Paul Thabet Habib. The planning and implementation of the initiative was coordinated by Brother Hikmat Dandan the Ontario Christian Refugee Relief Director. In the video below, Father Bashar Kathea delivers a thank you message to the Knights of Columbus in Arabic language with various images of the distribution. Columbia Magazine Dec 2021 issue recognized the Ontario project as a Knights in Action initiative with Global Impact. The Iraqi Christians are one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. They still speak Aramaic, the language of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Another project urgently needed and under planning awaiting your council participation is to provide chronic illness medication for diabetes and blood pressure on a monthly basis for the elderly for Iraqi Christians in the Nineveh plain. Support persecuted and at risk Christians all over the world, visit and donate to: Knights of Columbus Ontario Charity Foundation; specifying the name of the initiative you have chosen in the memo section. Include your address and email (Tax receipts will be issued). Contact Brother Hikmat 416-893 8060 or email


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