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//Coats for Kids donation from Council 15999
Submitted by Ray Francoeur
St. Helen Cross Council 15999

Coats for Kids

On Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, the St Helen of the Cross Council 15999 presented Community Care West Niagara (CCWN) with 48 New Winter Coats. The coats were donated through the Knights of Columbus (KofC) Coats for Kids Program. Money for the coats was collected through the KofC Bottle Drive Fundraiser. CCWN was able to order specific sizes and styles to suit the demographic of children in need of a coat. This partnership fulfills the KofC virtue of charity and provides CCWN with the needed coats which they distribute within the local community. Gathered at CCWN from left to right is Brother Knight Romeo DiGiacinto, District Deputy Mario Durand, CCWN Administrative Coordinator Julie Rose, Deputy Grand Knight Ray Francoeur, CCWN Client Services Coordinator Michelle Peters, Brother Knight Al Rizzuto, and Grand Knight Marcel VanRuyven.


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