//Crucifix Story
Submitted by John Jackson, Grand Knight.
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Council 12401.

Several years ago, Brother Marcel Vaillancourt had an inspiration.
From his 10 X 10 storage shed converted into a small workshop, he took it upon himself to start building wooden crucifixes to be donated to Our Lady of the Miraculous medal yearly First Communion recipients. His view was that for many of these children, this cross might very well be the only cross their home will ever see or have.

Marcel made this endeavor of faith a ministry of his for several years. Over the years Marcel said he probably made over 500 crosses from his tiny workshop in the backyard.

As time moved on, Marcel aged gracefully but started to have life challenges that forced him to consider hanging up his tools. He brought his situation up at a general meeting of Council 12401 about 10 years ago. I (Jean Paul Vincelette), was at this meeting. My name was thrown into the arena as a potential brother who might be interested in taking over this worthwhile task. I agreed to do so with the condition that Marcel would take a bit of time to show and teach me how to replicate the crucifixes he was making.

After a couple of sessions, I officially took over Marcel’s ministry as my own and have for the last 10 years been continuing his labour of faith.

Probably will be doing this until time and life challenges force me to consider “hanging up my tools”, and pass on the torch to the next part time woodworking hobbyist touched by the Holy Spirit as I was.


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