//Poinsettia's for Widows of Deceased Council Members
Submitted by Dan Pergolesi
Fr. Paul J.F. Wattson

Fr. Paul J.F. Wattson Council 8919 holds an Annual Holiday Dinner in early December; and there is a long-standing tradition to invite every widow of a deceased member of our Council, to enjoy a complimentary dinner. With Windsor implementing tightened restrictions and having moved into the Grey Zone (or Lockdown), this year this dinner would be cancelled.

Nevertheless, in keeping with Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s vision, the Council elected to purchase Poinsettia’s and present them to the widows we were still in touch with.

A team of Brothers organized a call list, used to reached out to those widows still in our area. A second team then gathered on December 19, purchased the plants and delivered them to those on the list wishing to receive them – adhering to social distancing mandates, as we called each of the ladies prior to arriving, then placed the plant on the porch, where they could easily retrieve it, and stepped away to maintain the six feet distance. In some instances, a family member was at the home to accept the plant on the widow's behalf.

This year more than ever with families instructed to not gather, these women feel the isolation much more personally than many. This small gesture on behalf of the Knights, brought a smile to their faces and we hope some happiness in knowing they are still in our thoughts and prayers at this time of year.

The team of Brother Knights participating:
Call / Distribution List: Family Director Hal Bushey, PGK Dan Pergolesi.
Purchasing: Grand Knight Dave Algudady.
Delivery: Program Director Tim Law, Warden Mike Agius, and Brother Knights Leo Viselli and Jim Preston.


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