//Jerusalem Students Mass
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

During the Jerusalem Students Mass in Blessed Trinity Church, Rev. Fr. Ed Murphy asked the sponsors to stand, Blessed them with a special prayer and sprinkled them with Holy Water. After the Mass, the State Deputy SK David Peters addressed the parishioners and sponsors that by supporting the education of a needy Christian student they are also strengthening Christianity and helping the Holy Land to flourish. Later the sponsors received the files of their student, thank you cards, grades, photo, Principal letter, Archbishop letter. It was a beautiful occasion to meet other sponsors who are touching lives in the Holy Land. TORONTO COUNCIL 1388 the GOLD SPONSOR (9 students) was represented by SK Henry Miller. 75 students education is sponsored each year, 18 already graduated while being sponsored, and all gone to higher learning. 70% of sponsors are Knights Of Columbus brothers, assemblies and councils, 30% are faithful parishioners all over Canada and the United States.
To sponsor the education of a needy Christian student, ($21 or $42 per month ), which can be considered a LIFE or FAITH project and will get your council closer to your COLUMBIAN or STAR award, contact the Christian Refugee Relief Director, SK Hikmat 416 – 893 8060 or visit www.jerusalemstudents.org


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