//CNEWA Christians in the Middle East Benefit Dinner
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

A very successful annual event that has been supported by the Knights of Columbus for many years. The event attended by Ontario State Deputy Sir Knight David Peters and the Christian Refugee Relief Director SK Hikmat Dandan and many other knights, and supporters was organized by CNEWA, a Papal Agency, Catholic Near East Welfare Association and the Archdiocese of Toronto. The keynote speaker was his Eminence Cardinal Thomas Collins. The Archdiocese over the past years has helped the marginalized and largely forgotten Christians in the Middle East through sponsorship and relief funds. The Cardinal stressed the importance of keeping the presence of Christians in their home land. Also Carl Hetu, Cnewa Canadian National Director who regularly travels to the Middle East, commented on issues in the affected regions. Archbishop Najeeb Michael Moussa of Mosul in Iraq addressed the event through a video screen message stressing the importance of preserving Christian heritage in the Middle East. He is credited with having saved many priceless manuscripts to Kurdistan as ISIS militants swept the region. Canada Chaldean Bishop Bawai Soro also addressed the event pledging one month salary to CNEWA efforts. Many other prominent clergy attended. The cuisine was very generous consisting of appetizing Middle Eastern dishes as well as international. The BELLS OF HEAVEN CHOIR captured the hearts with their traditional hymns in Chaldean, Aramaic and English. This is an event that every council and knight should support next year as it falls under Faith or Christian Refugee Relief that councils are encouraged to satisfy. For guidance call SK Hikmat Michel Dandan 416 – 893 8060.


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