Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

Thanks to Rev. fr. Youhanna Hanna, GK Edmond of Jesus The King Council,
GK Frank of Good Shepherd Council, and all the members from both councils who made this pro life event successful, which is annually organized by Campaign Life Coalition in all the GTA . LIFE CHAIN is a peaceful, prayerful witness to the evil of abortion and the sanctity of human life for only one hour from 2-3 pm Sunday 6th October. Our location was the STEELES/DON MILLS intersection.
Canada is the only Western country with no laws on abortion. Approx 300 Abortions happen every day (100,000 every year, 4 million since 1969, It is permitted in all 9 months of pregnancy and it is funded by you THE TAX PAYER) while still there is difficulty to adopt a child. What a shame to kill so many babies. All councils should join the thousands across Canada to help save lives. It was only one hour but a powerful way to spread the Gospel message. Rev. Fr. Youhanna Hanna who annually attends ended the Life Chain with a moving prayer.

The Life Chain Zone Captain was SK Hikmat Dandan, the State Christian Refugee Relief Director email:


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