//Our Lady of Guadalupe Commemorative Convention pin
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

SK Hikmat Dandan, The Grand Knight of Jesus The King Council 15045 and his daughter EveLareine, a graphic arts student in York designed Our Lady of Guadalupe pin that every knight should have. Our Lady of Guadalupe was a sign from Heaven. In 1531, Holy Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to a Mexican devout Christian named Juan Diego and asked him to get Bishop Zummaraga’s approval to build her a shrine at Tepayak, a mountainous area where Mexicans lived. When the Bishop refused Diego’s request, Holy Mary showed him a place where Spanish grown roses miraculously grew and flowered and asked him to bring them to the Bishop as a sign that she can reproduce the Spanish flowers in Mexico by faith in God. Her name is translated to ” Crusher of The Serpents Head” The serpent in the Aztec culture was a symbol of the false god whose mythical power caused millions of native Indians to be sacrificed and killed alive for the sake of the serpent god. The Knights of Columbus thank God for having Our Lady of Guadalupe as their Patroness. Christians may wish to remember her fascinating miracles especially the enduring ones such as her image full of references to stars, the sun, and the moon as well as the fact that the image itself did not deteriorate for over 450 years until today. Not only with the flowers that Bishop Zummaraga had requested and which when delivered, the image of Our Lady miraculously appeared on Diego’s tilma in the presence of the Bishop, but most significantly in the voluntary baptism of millions of Indian Mexicans who had refused a generation earlier to accept the missionary call to Christianity since they resented invaders for fear of enslaving them. To order the pins for your council members, contact the KOFC State Office.


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