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Outdoor COVID19 Mass


Submitted by Michael NunanSt Edith SteinKofC 13049 members enabling the outdoor masses at St Faustina Parish in Cumberland Ontario. Knights are involved in all facets of these masses, Music, Sound, Parking Lot Ushers, our priests and deacons.

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Council 13049 Faith Activity


Submitted by Steve Phillips Saint Edith Stein - Rockland Saint Faustina Parish in Cumberland has been providing three “Drive-In” Sunday masses for parishioner’s during the pandemic lockdown. Only 50 cars are allowed in the parking lot for each mass. Brother Knights from Saint Edith Stein Council 13049 (Rockland) are on site for each mass, collecting donations, directing vehicles to parking spots and assisting them to leave the parking lot at the end of the mass. Brother Knights assisted parishioners construct the “Covid Shack” where Father Gerard Monaghan is able to celebrate mass during any type of weather. Attendees listen to the [...]

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Submitted by Michael St Edith SteinOur spiritually oriented (Nativity Scene) in Rockland’s annual Parade of Lights.

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