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Submitted by Dan Pergolesi
District 76

On Mother's Day Weekend May 07/08, 2022, the three Councils affiliated with the East Windsor Family of Parishes (Fr. Paul J.F. Wattson – Council 8919, St. Vincent de Paul – Council 9528 and Fr. Aloysius Nolan – Council 9865) conducted three programs, along with a recruitment drive – all on the same weekend. The Knights distributed carnations to all Mothers, Grandmothers, Adopted Mothers, God-Mothers, Aunts, and all women who filled these nurturing roles. Councils held the Roses for Life (cumulatively collecting over $600). A Maternity / Baby Shower (in conjunction with each parish Catholic Women's League), with all donations (both material and monetary) being distributed to local Birthright and Guadalupe House organizations. Finally, a recruitment drive highlighted by the visibility of the Knights during this weekend where parishioners were approached individually and presented with a brochure, highlighting individual Council information, accomplishments and activities in the community, along with contact information.


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