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//40 Lbs. For Lent – Food Drive
Submitted by Eardley Adams
Blessed Frederic Ozanam Parish Markham Council 17065

This program was another new one for the Council, we had done a Food Drive before but not one that lasted for 6 weeks. We had some decisions to make as to how to collect the food, what kind of food, where were we going to take it once we collected it etc. We received the much needed support of Father Ricardo our Pastor the rest was simply a process of collecting, packaging, weighing, recording and donating it of the Cornerstone Pantry a nearby Church who cater to the poor and the hungry as well as the Markham Food Bank. Yes, this was a successful Food Drive we collected a total of 2000 lbs. of food and $741 in monetary donations. We also made some good friends along the way. My thanks to all the donors who faithfully brought food most weekends, to my many Brother Knight who not only donated food but also helped with the chores and not forgetting Rev. Father Ricardo Davis for your help, support and promotion. Thank you all – GK Eardley Adams.


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