//Jerusalem Students
Submitted by SK Hikmat Michel Dandan
Jesus The King Council

” And whoever welcomes one such child in my name, welcomes me.” Mathew 18:2-6
During this Holy Week, what is more worthy than sponsoring the education of a needy Christian student in The Holy Land? The young students in the Melkite Catholic Patriarchate school in Beit Sahour, Shepherds Fields need your help. Yes it was in this place near Bethlehem where the Angel appeared to the shepherds. Jerusalem Students project has already sponsored the education of more than 70 students mostly by KOFC councils and Knights, but there is still more than 100 students that need your help. The school has an annual deficit of more than US$ 100,000 as most of the parents can not pay the tuition because of the economic and political difficulties in The Holy Land.

So during this Holy Week, welcome the resurrection of Jesus by welcoming a needy Christian student in The Holy Land as through education you lay the foundation for strong successful Christian families that will grow to populate the area. Your generous gesture of sponsoring one or more needy students will help halt and hopefully reverse the diminishing trend of Christians and preserve the Christianity in The Holy Land. It is very affordable as little as $ 21 per month to share a student $250 per year or $42 per month for full sponsorship $500 per year. The Knights of Columbus and faithful Christians who all love The Holy Land do not want to see the area where our Lord Jesus Christ walked and preached becomes museums of Christianity without any Christians.
Please visit the website www.jerusalemstudents.org or call GK Hikmat 416-893 8060 or email him knightsofcolumbus@hotmail.com. Inform your friends and talk about Jerusalem Students in your parish.


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