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The Moonlighters will play on Saturday night of the Convention at the Hard Rock Club.

Ontario State Convention – April 26 to 28, 2019 – Register Here

The Registration Order Form is at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to view it. The Registration Order Form is in a menu format. You must build your order by selecting and adding items from the menu. Some menu items require a second option selection for Adult/Child or Shirt Sizes.

Once a your options have been selected, click the ADD button and the item will be added to your order list and Total amount. You may adjust quantities by clicking the + or on either side of the quantity box. Your Total will be updated automatically.

If you make a mistake, click Remove next to the line item.

Follow this link for a description of the Women’s Program

Follow this link to download the Men’s Itinerary and this one for the Ladies’ Itinerary.

This year we are encouraging all Knights and Spouses to join us for the Chaplains Appreciation Luncheon on Friday. Let’s all show our clergy our support by attending this buffet lunch with them.

If any of your children will be accompanying you to the convention, please enter their name, age and gender in the appropriate box on the form. For example, if your daughter’s name is Jane Doe and she is 9 years old, here is how you would enter her information: Jane Doe, 9, F.

Once your order is complete, enter your credit card payment details, and click the Process button at the bottom of the form. A confirmation of your registration order will be emailed to you. You may come back to this page at any time to purchase additional items.

Please register only one Delegate and his Spouse per form so that we can capture the Delegate’s name and Registration Status (1st Delegate, 2nd Delegate, etc.)

Find out what your local knights are doing.